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Hemyock Orchards Ltd

Company Information

  • 1 Jobs
  • 500 Wharerata Road, Patutahi, New Zealand
  • Full Address 500 Wharerata Road, Patutahi, New Zealand
  • Type Growers
  • First Name Amanda and Clive
  • Last Name Lewis
  • Crop types grown
    Crop type #1: Citrus
  • Business Age (years) 35years
  • Planned Business Growth None currently planned
  • How many of the following staff do you employ annually?
    Full-Time: 5
  • Seasonal: up to 10
  • What is your hourly rate for seasonal staff?
    From: $19.45 plus holiday pay
  • Are you willing to engage with support agencies? Yes

Company Description

We grow citrus, many different varieties which are harvested throughout the year so we are often looking for extra staff to assist with picking and pruning.