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Riversun Nursery Ltd

Company Information

  • 2 Jobs
  • 257 Awapuni Road, Awapuni, Gisborne, New Zealand
  • Full Address 257 Awapuni Road, Awapuni, Gisborne, New Zealand
  • Type Growers
  • First Name Phoebe
  • Last Name Riddell
  • Crop types grown
    Crop type #1: Grapes
  • Crop size #1: Kiwifruit
  • Crop type #2: Avocados
  • Crop size #2: Persimmons
  • Crop type #3: Melons
  • Crop size #3: Sweet Peas
  • Business Age (years) 40
  • How many of the following staff do you employ annually?
    Full-Time: 50
  • Seasonal: 100
  • Are you willing to engage with support agencies? Yes

Company Description

We are New Zealand’s leading supplier of certified grafted grapevines, avocado and kiwifruit rootstock, supplying plant material to many of this country’s top vineyards and orchards.

Established in 1982, Riversun has forged strong alliances with the New Zealand wine industry. Throughout its evolution, the nursery’s goal has remained constant: to provide plant material that is true to type, of high health and known virus status, and produced to exacting physical specifications.

In recent years Riversun has diversified, through the establishment of sister company Linnaeus and exploration into alternative crops such as sweet peas, melons and kiwifruit.