GAP certification and the Food Act – Registration deadline approaching

All growers and packers of fruit and vegetables must be registered for Food Act by 28 February 2019. For more information on how the Food Act applies for your business (or to find out if you are exempt), follow the ‘Where do I Fit?’  tool on the MPI website. NZGAP certification meets the requirements of National Programme Level 1 (NP1), so NZGAP can cover your Food Act registration and audit (verification) within the existing certification process. To ensure that you will meet the Food Act deadline via NZGAP, you must register for NZGAP certification before 1 February 2019.

If you are already certified and have given NZGAP permission to register your business for Food Act, then your next NZGAP audit will double as a Food Act verification (from January 2019).  If you are a GlobalG.A.P. grower, please contact your provider