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Four Seasons Packhouse – Prune / Pick / Pack

Company Information

  • 1 Jobs
  • 8 O'Grady Road, Hexton, New Zealand
  • Full Address 8 O'grady Rd, Waerengaahika, Gisborne, New Zealand
  • Type Post-Harvest
  • First Name Elliot
  • Last Name Callender
  • Crop types grown
    Crop type #1: Buttercup Squash
  • Crop size #1: Citrus
  • Business Age (years) 16
  • Planned Business Growth We plan to increase our citrus packing facility, continue our very busy squash seasonal work and build our horticulture services division.
  • How many of the following staff do you employ annually?
    Full-Time: 25 +
  • Part-Time: 5 +
  • Seasonal: 80 +
  • What is your hourly rate for seasonal staff?
    From: $22.68 incl HP
  • To: $25.00 incl HP
  • Are you willing to engage with support agencies? Yes

Company Description

Four Seasons Packhouse was developed by growers to provide a service that involves the harvesting and packing of buttercup squash ready for export.

We also assist growers in the packing, marketing and distribution of Fejioa’s and citrus to local and export markets.

Our horticulture services division is new and aims to add value to our customers businesses.