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Riverland Fruit Company

Company Information

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  • 342 Wharerata Rd, RD1 Gisborne
  • Full Address 342 Wharerata Road, Hexton, New Zealand
  • Type Growers
  • First Name Carl
  • Last Name Hamlin
  • Crop types grown
    Crop type #1: Apples
  • Crop size #1: Pears
  • Crop type #2: Kiwifruit
  • Crop size #2: Avocados
  • Crop type #3: Lemons
  • Business Age (years) 70
  • Planned Business Growth we are growing steadily and have been for some time
  • How many of the following staff do you employ annually?
    Full-Time: 25
  • Part-Time: 15
  • Seasonal: 50
  • What is your hourly rate for seasonal staff?
    From: 16.50
  • To: 21
  • Are you willing to engage with support agencies? Yes

Company Description

Riverland is a forth Generation medium sized Orchard and Pack-house in Gisborne.

we grow and Pack Apples, Pears, Avocado’s and Kiwifruit

Our Picking and packing season starts in Late January and runs through to May

our Staff numbers change from 25 in the off season to 100 in the harvest time

we strive to grow high quality fruit and supply markets in NZ and around the World