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Company Information

  • 1 Jobs
  • 50 Poulgrain Road, Manutuke
  • Full Address 50 Poulgrain Road, Manutuke, New Zealand
  • Type Growers
  • First Name Jake
  • Last Name Harrison
  • Crop types grown
    Crop type #1: Citrus
  • Crop size #1: 50Ha
  • How many of the following staff do you employ annually?
    Full-Time: 5
  • Seasonal: 30+
  • What is your hourly rate for seasonal staff?
    From: 23
  • To: 30
  • Are you willing to engage with support agencies? Yes

Company Description

Williams Brothers is a family owned and operated orchard located in sunny Gisborne, NZ. We pride ourselves on growing and delivering NZ freshest and tastiest citrus to New Zealand’s largest supermarkets.

We grow and harvest citrus year round and only deliver to your supermarket when our fruit is at its best.

The growing conditions in Gisborne are optimum to produce New Zealand best citrus. Our warm sunny summer coupled with mild winters product delectable citrus all year.